Stay Organized With A Custom Home Office.

When you think about a custom home office, you may think that the cost is outrageous or that it isn’t something that would benefit you. In reality, a custom office may save you money.

Choose only the style of home office cabinets that suit your business and arrange these to fit in with the space you have available. The right cabinetry can help you carve out an office space in even the smallest nook in your home—making it easier for you to stay on top of your business.

Lux Garage and Closet combines functionality with luxury into their tailored home offices. You only have to work with one contractor due to our additional full-service solutions. Get additional storage space, tear-out services, drywall repair, painting and electrical work completed by our company. Our built in home office design allows you to increase productivity by having the perfect storage management solutions.

Key Product Features

  • Home office cabinets are designed to work with your organizational needs and the style of your home.
  • Lower desk cabinets and wire trays eliminate cord and cable clutter, keeping your desktop clean and mind focused.
  • Upper storage cabinets keep all of your supplies and office equipment within an arm’s reach
  • Sleek hardware and legs streamline your office desk while giving you sufficient storage.
  • Fully extended office cabinet drawers provide hidden storage for your printer and paper
  • Make the most of a multipurpose room by installing a flexible custom office and Murphy bed. This smart solution blends home storage, workspace, and comfortable sleeping quarters.

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