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Your Key to Creating Extra Space.

No matter where you live, you could probably use more space. Whether you’re trying to welcome overnight guests into your home, or you live in a studio apartment and are looking for a way to get more out of your living space. No matter what your situation, there’s a Murphy bed that’s right for you.

Our Murphy beds are designed to combine comfort, beauty and practicality in one great piece of furniture. Each bed is designed to support a standard spring mattress so your guests can sleep well when they visit. The mattress and bedding is secured with built-in straps that keep everything in place, whether your bed is open for use or folded up out of sight. Even better, moving the bed is a snap thanks to our specially designed, spring-balanced mechanism that offers smooth control and makes the bed light and easy to maneuver. Each bed can be purchased in a range of styles and finishes to complement any decor.

Key Product Features

  • Choose from a variety of Murphy bed options including: Library Murphy Beds, Flip-up Desk Murphy Beds, Bi-fold Murphy Beds, and Desk Beds.
  • Built-in headboards give a polished look while pillow boxes provide storage when the bed is stowed. Perfectly blending utility with high-end design.
  • When the Murphy bed is folded away, you have many options to choose from to hide it. Sliding bookcases, custom shelves and cabinets, LED lights and more.
  • Most Murphy bed styles can accommodate twin, full, or queen bed frames and 10”-11” thick mattresses.
  • Spring mechanisms make it easy to lift and stow the bed when it’s not in use.
  • Storage cabinets and pullout drawers give you extra storage and easy access to files or extra pillows, blankets, and sheets.

The Library Murphy Bed

If you’re looking for the ultimate use of your space, try our Library Murphy Bed. This clever unit provides a full wall of shelves for ample storage for your books, photo albums and other decorative items. When guests are ready to hit the sack, you can wow them by sliding back the shelves and flipping down the bed. The shelves slide easily without scratching the floor thanks to their gliding track mounting, and the queen bed’s headboard includes additional storage space for pillows and bed linens.


The Flip-Up Desk Murphy Bed

We also have Murphy beds with fold-up desks to work in your home office. Whether you work and sleep in the same area or have a kids’ homework center that doubles as a sleepover station, this dual-purpose unit helps you get the most out of your space. The piece has a flip-up desk with sturdy legs that fold out to support the workstation by day. With just a few folds, the desk tucks away and the bed comes down. This versatile piece comes with a twin, full or queen bed frame.


The Bi-Fold Murphy Bed

The Bi-Fold Murphy Bed tucks into a low-profile cabinet during the day so you can use the floor space in your sleeping area for other projects. It comes in twin, full and queen sizes and features the same smooth spring mechanism as all of our Murphy beds for ease of use. When the bi-fold doors are closed, the piece looks like a well-designed armoire.


Whether you’re looking to turn a home office into a useful guest room or trying to furnish a studio apartment with style, we’d love to help you plan the perfect Murphy bed for your home today. Call 818.346.1800 or visit our showroom in Woodland Hills today!

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