18 Unique Tips for Organizing Your Garage in One Weekend

First it’s just a few boxes piling up, and before you know it you’re picking your way through mountains of clutter on your way to the car.
But fear not, these unique tips will help you organize the entire garage in a single weekend.
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Taking your garage from zero to organized can feel a little daunting. Fortunately, there is a lot that you can do in small steps that make a big difference. These ultimate garage organization tips could turn your messy garage into the best place in the house in just one weekend.


1. Start Sorting

·       Get everything out of the garage.

·       Separate items by type.

·       Remove the things that belong in other rooms.

·       Sell, donate or toss the stuff you do not want.


2. Simple Storage Solutions

·       Start thinking about simple ways to keep your possessions separate.

·       Purchase plastic bins that are stackable.

·       Select bins that match the size and weight of the items.

·       Put a large label on each bin.

·       Place the bins on shelves or overhead storage.


3. Add a Place for Garden Tools

·       Make a list of your garden tools.

·       Identify a practical place to keep your gardening tools.

·       Consider cabinetry to keep larger items up off the floor.

·       Install slat wall for a place to put hooks.

·       Buy hook accessories that will fit large or small tools.

·       Hang the tools on the hooks for easy access.


4. Utilize the Garage Walls

·       Divide walls into zones for different kinds of activities or storage.

·       Write down storage you need for each zone, including shelving, cabinetry, baskets and hooks.

·       Use a stud finder to install shelving.

·       Purchase slat wall storage for zones with a lot of different storage needs.

·       Install slat wall accessories to complete the organization of each zone.


5. Hang It Up!

·       Look at the variety of hook types to get an idea of what you can hang up.

·       Buy and install larger hooks for long or heavy items like ladders, bikes and golf clubs.

·       Select flat hooks for bulkier things.

·       Put in small hooks to hang small tools, hats or shoes.


6. Use Bike Hooks

·       Set aside space on the wall that meets the dimensions of your family’s bikes.

·       Designate lower areas for kids’ bikes, so they can reach them.

·       Install the wall mount properly, using a level.

·       Hang the bikes from the mounts.


7. At-an-Arm’s-Reach Chair Storage

·       Choose flat-bottomed hooks that are large enough to hold a chair.

·       Slide the hooks into your slat wall system or attach them to a wall stud.

·       Make sure that the hook is level so that the chairs do not slide.

·       Place the chairs in the hooks.


8. Overhead Garage Storage

·       Separate lightweight, lesser-used items for overhead storage.

·       Purchase and install overhead storage that will fit bins and other equipment.

·       Create a storage plan so that the items will not tip over or fall once they are placed.

·       Carefully put everything away according to your chosen organization plan.


9. Install Semi-Custom Garage Cabinets

·       Note all of the items you need to put in garage cabinets.

·       Talk to a garage professional about the combination of cabinetry, drawers and garage shelving that is best for your needs.

·       Design a garage cabinet arrangement that puts your items in the order you need to use them.

·       Install garage cabinets.

·       Put everything away.


10. Install Peg Board

·       Use a level to install a pegboard to the wall.

·       Design a layout to hold your commonly used hand tools.

·       Purchase and put pegs into the pegboard.

·       Place tools on the pegboard.


11. Add a Boot Bench

·       Select a bench to match your overall garage design.

·       Decide between cubbies and cabinets for storage underneath the seat.

·       Place the bench next to the interior garage door.

·       Make sure any storage options above the bench leave room for people to sit.

·       Put boots and accessories in the cubbies or cabinets.


12. Install a Silver Track System

·       Choose areas of the wall that need various accessories for storage.

·       Install one panel or several panels of silver track, making sure the tracks are level.

·       Select hooks, baskets and shelves for storage.

·       Reconfigure the storage as the seasons or your needs change.


13. Create a Workspace

·       Combine storage solutions to build an effective workspace.

·       Install garage cabinets to give you storage and a flat surface.

·       Add silver track to keep cleaning equipment and gear off the countertop.

·       Put lights underneath high cabinets for effective task lighting.


14. Create Recycling Bin Hangers

·       Designate a spot in the garage for recycling.

·       Choose between hooks on the wall and pullout drawers in cabinets.

·       Install hooks at an appropriate distance apart for each bin, ensuring that you can remove them and replace them easily.

·       Place the bins on the hooks or in the pullout drawers.


15. Repurpose Paper Towel Holders

·       Put in one or paper towel holders in your garage, in places where you often need to get rid of garbage or used materials.

·       Hang spare garbage bags from the interior hook.

·       Drape an open garbage bag between the hooks and over the rails to keep the bag in place.

·       Toss trash into the bag.


16. Ball Storage

·       Choose an area of the wall that is easily accessible for the children.

·       Install one or more sturdy, hanging baskets into slat wall.

·       Put balls and other small sports equipment into storage.


17. Use Ceiling Space to Hang Ladders

·       Identify places on the ceiling that will not interfere with parked cars or garage work.

·       Measure the space needed for each ladder.

·       Locate floor joists with a stud finder to hang hooks.

·       Install hooks into the ceiling.

·       Hang ladders from the hooks.


18. Finish It Off With Garage Flooring

·       Clear everything off the garage floor.

·       Sweep and clean the garage floor thoroughly.

·       Arrange for garage floor coating.

·       Install garage floor coating.


Even if your garage is a complete disaster, you can still get it organized without weeks or months of work to prepare it. Just dive in and you will love the result. For more information about garage organization that is perfect for your home, request a free garage storage installation estimate here.


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