What to Expect at your Custom Design Consultation

We look forward to creating an amazing design for your home. Our highly experienced, professional designers will come to your door to talk about your ideas and make them a reality.

A Professional Designer Will Come To You

A valued member of our design team will come to your home to look at your space. Our goal is to discuss design concepts with you and get your approval.

  • By seeing the space that you want to design in person, we can get a better understanding of what it looks like and what solutions will work for it. We can come up with a range of solutions to meet your needs.
  • Usually, a consultation lasts one to two hours.

We Listen and Learn Important Details From You

Our designer will ask questions and listen carefully to your responses. This will help us fully meet your needs.

  • Expect a few questions so we can learn what you need to organize. We will also ask about your unique design style and what types of storage components you will need.
  • Please send us your ideas, clippings, Pinterest boards and other items of interest prior to your appointment. You can also have these available during the consultation.
  • Use our Design Guide Checklist as a tool to show us what you’d like to see. Click Here to Download.

We Take Measurements and Assess Your Design Needs

Our professional designer will take plenty of measurements of the room, windows and any furniture you plan to have in the space. These measurements allow the designer to assess your needs and design the perfect space for you. The measurements are important because they allow us to determine where objects and features of the room fit into your finalized design.

  • Please show us any furniture in another room that you plan to put in the space being designed.
  • Please let us know about any unique needs, such as access for people with disabilities.

Your Project Gets a Custom Design

During this final step, your custom design project begins to take shape through digital drawings. Our design team will craft your design and show it to you before we take the final step.

  • After taking measurements, our designer will work with digital design software to display your idea for the space using illustrations.
  • The digital drawings allow you to visualize what the space will look like when the design is complete.
  • You can make adjustments according to your aesthetic preferences.

Lux is committed to working with you to create an ideal custom design that meets all of your needs. Call us if you have any questions!

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