What to Expect at your Custom Installation

Thank you for choosing Lux Garage & Closet, Inc for your storage solution needs. Here we will fill you in on the installation process and how to prepare.

How to Prepare For Us

  • Please have the driveway or path to the door we will use clear for delivery. In addition. Please have an area near the installation site available for staging material.
  • Please let us know about leaks or issues that could affect the shelving. The shelving will be stored in protective wrap, but we are extra careful.
  • If you have a contractor, please inform them and other tradespeople where and when we will be working.
  • Please empty the spaces in which we will work. You should remove all of the contents of the room and anything not attached to the walls prior to our arrival.
  • Remove all pictures, knickknacks and other items from adjoining walls. These can be shaken loose during installation.

The Installation Process

  • A day prior to the installation, we will contact you to confirm the installer’s arrival window. We will get any last-minute instructions for directions and accessing your home. Please let us know if there are any parking restrictions of which we should be aware. If we will be present on multiple days, we will let you know our general plan for a schedule.
  • When our installers arrive, they will provide you with their personal business card. If any issues arise, you can contact us before, during or after the job.
  • Our installers will place protection on the floors where workers will be walking.
  • Our installers will thoroughly clean and inspect the space in which they work before they leave.
  • Our installers will remove all trash and unused materials from the premises.
  • Once the installation is complete, our installers will ask for your sign off on the project.

If you have any questions about the installation process, please call us. We look forward to working with you.

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