Organizing Tips for Upscale and Casual Entertaining

September 26, 2017

Ready for Company?

Organizing Tips for Upscale and Casual Entertaining

Having friends or family over to share a meal or watch the big game? Nothing says “welcome” to your guests like a beautiful, well organized home. A perfectly appointed pantry or elegant multipurpose space can help you entertain in style, adding an upscale image to your home and providing all the practical features you need to stay organized, efficient, and relaxed. Even the garage opens up for casual entertaining with a few strategic improvements. Consider these tips for upgrading a few of the areas where you host the most.

Ingredients for the Ideal Home Pantry

organized kitchen shelves FOOD PANTRY STORAGE SPACE

Try these tips to transform simple storage into a space that streamlines your tasks, shows off your style, and lets you entertain graciously.

  • Frame your favorite dishes, beverages, and cooking tools, making them part of your décor.
  • Add a built-in wine and stemware rack to transform your pantry into an entertainment hub.
  • Store trays, cheese boards, and platters upright in a reach-in shelf equipped with dividers.
  • Clear the counters with deep pull-out drawers for small appliances like blenders and mixers.
  • Store produce in pull-out wire baskets where it’s easy to see and grab a snack.
  • Keep mops and brooms in a tall cabinet, ready for quick clean-ups.

A Place to Unplug (and Plug In)

With the right planning, even small spaces can do double-duty as a home office and media room. Try these tips for great results:

  • Conceal paper, binders, and pens behind doors and in drawers so your home looks tidy and neat.
  • Blend work and personal space by using open shelves to show off personal mementos.
  • Maintain a residential look by choosing storage with support feet that elevate it off the floor.
  • Add cubbies to hold odds and ends you need in the office, like a briefcase, remotes, or technical equipment.
  • Mount LED strips beneath upper cabinets to illuminate the work surface.

Step Up Your Game in Your Garage


Outdoor picnics and casual get-togethers often extend into the garage. Make sure yours is ready to see the light of day by giving this hardworking space a much-deserved makeover.

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