Cool Ideas for Re-imagining Your Garage

September 15, 2017

One of the most creative ways to use your home to its utmost potential is to reimagine your garage space. Revamping a garage can be a more affordable option than building an addition or moving to a larger home. Done right, you can get the extra space you want and go easy on the budget.


Home Office

lux closet and garage

A smaller home might not have room for the desirable home office. The garage can be the right place to fashion a cozy office. It is right next to the home yet separate from it, so it is efficient and convenient. More than likely, the garage has the necessary electrical wiring, so it might just be a matter of doing some painting, putting in nice flooring and using some attractive storage options for files and equipment. Another big plus: in certain cases a home office can be a tax deduction.




Lux Closet and Garage

A garage space lends itself to being converted into a workout room. You can listen to music while you exercise on your elliptical machine or stationary bike. You can easily set up a bench for lifting free weights and have the space to do crunches and squats and lunges. You can save time and money by not driving to a gym and paying membership fees.


Laundry Room

Laundry Room - Lux closet and garget

Laundry Room – Lux closet and garget

If you’ve never had your own laundry room, or if your laundry room is in a difficult place, moving a washer and dryer into the garage has several advantages:


§  You won’t have to drive to a laundromat.

§  You won’t have to worry about the noise bothering anyone.

§  You free up more space in the home.


You can also couple the laundry room with some nice additional closet space.


With a little creativity, a garage can be more than a place to park vehicles at night. For more ideas, contact Lux Garage & Closet.

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