The Best Custom Organization and Storage Solutions for Tall Closets

August 29, 2017

With recent architecture trending toward taller and taller ceilings, it’s not unusual to see an apartment with 10-12 feet of head room. As rooms and doorways increase in size, closets grow to match, leaving plenty of extra storage space at the tops. That extra space, however, can be difficult to access and use without

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relying on wobbly ladders or exceptionally tall friends. With a few simple organization hacks, however, you can easily use that extra vertical space with no problems.

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Start With Categories

The best place to begin when trying to organize your tall closet space is to create groups or categories of items you’ll be storing. Keeping frequently used items at about waist level makes them easier to access in a hurry, while using your vertical space for seasonal items or purely nostalgic pieces you simply can’t bear to part with means you won’t need to climb up there as frequently. You can also use vertical space for taller items which require more room above. By organizing this way, you can lower your top shelves, making them easier to reach while still maximizing your space.


Try Some TechDrop Down Closet Rod

If you’d still like to be able to reach your upper shelves easily, there are a few new organization technologies you can install. Adjustable shelving can be moved up or down to allow you to reach things without a ladder. Then, you can just return the shelf to its original position to get your space back. You can also try closet lifts, which can be installed in the upper areas of your closet and brought down by simply pulling on the attached bar.

Organizing the vertical storage in your tall closet doesn’t have to mean lots of climbing. By investing just a little bit of time and money into your storage, you can have the tall closet of your dreams. Check out some of the storage solutions offered by Lux Garage & Closet for more ideas, or contact us for a free consultation.

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