July 29, 2017

When you think about how much time you spend in your closet, you may realize how important closet design ideas are for the flow of your bedroom. Trends change regularly, and it is up to you to decide what will be the perfect closet style for you. California’s 2016 closet design trends explode with color, visibility and customization. Efficiency remains king, but you can enjoy the opportunity to feature more of your unique preferences than ever before.

In a master bedroom, a common design features a walk-in closet that is built to be shared by a couple. In theory, this makes enough room for everyone. In practice, it takes a little experimentation to determine what works best for you.

Some couples like to keep the division simple, with the left side for one person and the right side for the other person. This works well if both people have a similar amount of clothing and accessories. If this describes your situation, install coordinating cabinetry and shelving. You do not have to make it a mirror image. Just allow each person to come up with their own unique closet storage design, and rely on matching colors and styles to create a cohesive look.

When you plan to have your closet fulfill a number of purposes, you might need to do more than simply designate one side for you and another side for your spouse. People also like to keep out-of-season storage in their closets, as well. Split up the closet appropriately for each person’s needs, and be sure to set aside some room for your sheets, blankets and sweater boxes full of winter gear.

Remember that this space, like the rest of the house, is yours to do with as you choose. Make it yours by adding some decorations that please you. This is also an opportunity to allow you and your spouse to personalize the shared space.

Closets with room for deep drawers offer some of the best opportunities to store a lot of items without necessarily having to put them on hangers and the like. However, the kind of drawer you select makes a big difference. Drawers come in varying depths. A deep closet could accommodate drawers as deep as 24” or more. The trick is to select drawers that will extend all the way out. If the thought of this fills you with trepidation, you may be thinking of old drawer designs that did not have drawer stops to keep you from accidentally dropping the drawer on your toes. Current styles allow you to open the drawer all the way to the end, which makes drawers a perfect place to store small items or accessories with handy drawer inserts. You pull out the drawer, reach the thing you need from the back, and push it back in quickly. It allows you to maximize space without making the back of the drawer a disorganized mess.

Closet lighting was always important, but LED is the latest technology that can really revolutionize the way you see everything in your closet. Although LED lighting is still fairly new, it has been around long enough that you may not have to pay a mint for the light bulbs that you like best. LED lights do not burn hot and use very little energy. As a result, they can last for dozens of years, even many years longer than the compact fluorescent bulbs you may have right now. The lights come in all shapes and sizes. With low energy usage, you can easily run them on batteries. This makes it easy to install them in drawers, under shelves or practically anywhere. Take advantage of motion sensors and remote control technology, to make lighting your closet as simple as waving a hand.

In years past, people tried to hide their closets from others’ view. The principle behind this is that you may not want people to see your dirty laundry, as it were. However, the trend for 2016 features greater visibility for your closet as a paragon of beauty and organization. There are many different ways you can do this, with glass shelving and cabinet doors, open shelving and more. Some people prefer to remove their closet doors in favor of sheer curtains in a shade that matches the color scheme of the bedroom. In fact, you may opt to have no door to your closet at all, to show off the clutter-free and delightful space.

The trend for closet colors used to favor monochromatic palettes or neutral tones that do not detract from the clothing in the closet. However, times have changed, and bright colors are back. You do not have to keep your cabinets in a natural wood if what you really crave is white, blue or even orange. Color should be coordinated, so select a few hues that will not clash with your bedroom design, and go to town. You are not limited to a single color or two, as long as the choices look great to you. Consider painting an accent wall with a color that really pops. You might also find that your closet counter tops are a great place to draw more attention with an attractive color or pattern.

Bolder and better are the closet storage trends for 2016. Make your selections to fit a shared space, maximize the depth of the closet, light up the room and draw more attention to your great new closet. Take a moment to explore all of our custom closets, to get ideas for a style that is perfect for you. When you are ready to start your closet design plans, contact us for a free closet installation estimate.

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