July 29, 2017

If you have thought for years that you are stuck with your existing closet, think again. You might be delighted to learn that you actually have tons of variety in redesigning your closet space. Custom closets are designed to make your space look beautiful, according to your specifications. Check out these reach-in closet designs that would add a nice touch of class and organization for your California home.


Who ever said that a closet can’t look tough? The rustic concept in closets involves distressed wood or metal and dark stains on wood. Add some hanging rods for clothes, a simple wood-colored shoe rack and some shelving or drawers for a design that fits well in a closet for men. It would also work for anyone who wants a room that has that timeless feel of rough-hewn wood.

Although many people like the look of natural wood, there is something to be said for a modern design. Black and white, with an accent color, can go with almost anything and complete the look of your modern bedroom. Simplicity in design is key for a modern appearance. Making use of wire shelving and drawers keeps the closet from looking uncluttered, and draws attention away from the structure of the closet.

Keeping it simple is also very important for outfitting a teen’s closet. Teenagers’ needs and preferences may change several times a year, and the closet design has to keep up. Wire racks and adjustable shelving allows him to make room for his stereo system this year, and change it up to accommodate his new technological equipment next year.

The style that many people prefer in a closet is contemporary. It helps you to maintain tight organization, looks professional and does not call too much attention to itself. It is the height of elegance. Consider wood cabinetry with a natural stain on shelving and drawers. Lighting installed under shelving makes items easier to see, and gives you the ability to highlight your shoe collection.

If you crave a design that is somewhere between rustic and modern, melamine might be the right choice for you. Melamine is a strong, smooth material that is used for cabinetry in many custom closet styles. Select a plain white or a bold color, or choose a wood finish that mixes straight lines and the pleasant natural look.

You get to make your own reach-in closet perfectly your own, as you will see when you explore our custom closets. When you are ready to make your closet the perfect addition to your bedroom, contact us for a free reach-in closet installation quote.

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