July 29, 2017


Everyone has a closet, but this one is yours. There are thousands of options to make a walk-in closet just perfect for you. With these five tips, you can customize your walk-in closet.



The goal for organization in your closet is to find some balance between what you own and what you need. Most people own far more than they use, and a lot of this clutter ends up shoved into the closet. There is a better way, and it starts by completely emptying your closet. Start with a quick sort of the things that fit and those that do not.

The next step is to create some really good habits going forward. Look at the stuff you have that does not fit. It all needs to go. You just have to decide if you want to toss them, sell them or give them away. Once this is done, you have more space, but you should continue to pare down. Inspect the items you have that fit. Ask yourself how often you wear them, even in the right season. If you do not wear them, they need to go. Take time to think about why you are keeping the remaining pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories. This affects the kind of closet customization you will need.


The trick to a custom closet is that it is designed to fit the things you have, not the stuff your friends have. Divide your closet items into zones that help you keep different types together.

  • Clothing: By default, clothing tends to take up more space than the rest of the categories in your closet. With a nicewalk-in closet, you can dedicate as much space as you need for your clothes. Sort by type, including work shirts, blouses, undershirts or tanks, pants, shorts, skirts, capris, etc. If you have a lot in any one section, you could also separate them out by color.
  • Accessories: The accessories you keep in the closet can quickly get out of hand. They tend to be smaller and get lost on the floor. Designate hangers or a drawer for scarves, add drawer inserts for jewelry, and put in a handy basket for winter gloves and hats.
  • Shoes: Because your shoes come in pairs, they are another part of the closet that requires attentive care. Fortunately, there are many storage options for shoes that do not require you to just leave them on the floor. Your shoes could be displayed at eye level on shelving, put efficiently into a shoe rack, or even largely hidden in a pull-out rack. Be sure to leave enough room for knee-high boots and a place to put sandals or flats without smashing them.
  • Storage: One of the best things you can do for your closet is to sort out the things that are out of season, and put them into storage. This opens up the other zones of your closet and makes things easier to find. With a walk-in closet, you likely have plenty of room right in the closet. Consider shelving that will hold sweater boxes for off-season clothing, gear and decorations.
  • Optional Seating: There is nothing worse than going to sit down and put on your shoes, only to realize that there is no place to sit down. Chances are, there is a padded bench out there with your name on it. Depending on the size of your closet, seating could range from simple benches with cubbies underneath to store your tennis shoes, to a larger upholstered chair that is ideal for you to sit and reflect.


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You go into your closet and flip on the overhead light. It is nice to have, but it is largely insufficient. Once you start opening up lower drawers, you cannot see what is in the back. This does not set a good mood for your closet. You need more lighting, to make finding things quicker and to highlight what you have. Start with a fashionable light for the ceiling, something that allows plenty of light to pass through but also shows off a bit of your personality. Install track lighting on walls or ceiling to illuminate shelving. Battery-operated lights inside cabinets and in drawers can be small and unobtrusive. Some lights for your closet even run on a motion sensor, so that they turn on when you open the cabinet door or pull out the drawer.


With your lighting options set, you need to determine how the walls will reflect them. If you chose dark cabinetry for your closet, you may need the benefit of walls painted in a pale shade to help the light act as a showcase. In a small area such as a closet, design experts usually suggest that you go for the lightest shade you can, to open up the space. You just have to decide how you want the closet to fit into your overall bedroom design. You may coordinate the closet paint color to your bedroom walls, or select something unique.


You have chosen cabinetry and the overall layout of your closet. You added lighting and paint to show everything off. The last piece of the puzzle forms the complete picture of your custom closet. What do you need to see in your closet to make it an engaging or tranquil place to go for dressing and undressing? Think about the mood you want to set in the closet, and add pictures, prints or motivational quotes that help to create that feeling.

You are steps away from having the walk-in closet that you always dreamed of. Take a look at our delightful and efficient custom closet systems. To put your own custom design into action, contact us for a free closet installation estimate.

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