July 29, 2017

A home garage is a true multipurpose zone. If you are considering getting custom garage cabinets, it is critical to think about the ways you use your garage and plan for storage that accommodates those uses. Explore four common garage zones to plan for when investing in garage storage systems.

You don’t have to be an amateur carpenter or mechanic to use a garage workshop area. This type of zone comes in handy for making home repairs, working on hobbies (from bicycle repair to model airplanes), and keeping tools organized.

When creating a workshop zone, it is important to have a flat work area with pegboard or slatwall behind. This way, you can hang commonly used tools within arms’ length reach. By adding custom garage cabinets below the work area, you can keep all of your tools organized and always find just what you need.

A garden zone is a great place to store pots, potting soil, hand tools, and yard work tools. Even if you aren’t a big gardener, you must have tools like a lawnmower, rake, snow shovel, and more. All of this equipment can be grouped and stored in a garden zone that accommodates oversized items. Keep big tools organized in a tall garage cabinet that has hooks for easy mounting. For small tools, consider an open shelf or a small cupboard. Finally, slat wall and hooks let you hang anything you need.

If you have children (or plan to have children), you must leave a zone in the garage for kids’ toys and games. As children age, they may lose interest in some toys. In this case, we recommend having an overhead shelf. You can pack storage bins with toys and clothing, storing it for later use. Larger toys can be mounted on slat wall or also placed on an overhead rack.

By clearing out the clutter, you still keep all the toys, you can cycle in and out current kids’ favorites, and you can reclaim space in the garage and the house that may be overwhelmed with children’s things.

If you have a pet, we recommend keeping pet food, pet treats, pet toys, and other supplies in a corner of the garage. Unless you really spoil your pets, pet things can go in one or two cupboards. Open shelving is another convenient option to keep pet things out of the way and prevent Fluffy from breaking into the catnip one too many times.

What other zones do you want to put in your garage? Lux Garage & Closet can create garage storage systems that meet your needs.

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