July 29, 2017

Do you feel like you’re missing out because not every room in your home has a walk-in closet? While spacious walk-in closets are great for the master bedroom, reach-in closets offer more benefits than you probably give them credit for. By installing a custom closet system, you may quickly find that it suits your needs beautifully, without the need to tear down walls to build a walk-in closet.

Whether you’re hoping to de-clutter the entryway, help your kids get more out of their bedroom closets, or maximize space in the craft room, the right custom closet is vital for achieving your goals. Even though reach-in closets are smaller than their walk-in counterparts, they can do more for home storage than you realize. Here are four reasons your home needs a reach-in closet.


A large closet – or simply a disorganized one – makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for. Items end up in the wrong spot and heaping piles of mismatched clothes and other belongings tend to topple to the floor if you make the wrong move. This situation only makes matters worse!

Instead of wasting your time and getting frustrated as you rummage through a disorganized closet, now is the time to empty it out, install a reach-in closet system and take back your mornings! With an organized closet at your disposal, you’ll find it easy to see what you want, grab it and take it with you as you rush out the door. Never again will you be forced to leave home without your umbrella or the right purse and jacket combo simply because you couldn’t find what you were looking for among the mess.


Some of the most versatile features of a custom reach-in closet are the adjustable shelves. Making these a part of your closet gives you the chance to maximize and optimize storage space.

For example, your entryway closet probably houses shoes, jackets, hats and other outerwear, which change as the seasons shift. In the winter, you may need more room to store bulky gloves, hats, scarves and boots. To accommodate these items, remove a few shelves and stagger the remaining ones, giving you more room to store bulky items on each shelf.

In the summer, things change completely. You need more shelves to store smaller items such as sunscreen, insect repellant, sandals, sunglasses and baseball caps. These accessories are much less bulky and don’t take up as much space. To help ensure you know where everything’s stored, it’s great to have the option to add a few more shelves and maximize your organization abilities.

You also have the option to add and remove shelves as your storage needs change. In your craft room closet, for example, you may buy more of one type of craft supply – such as scrapbook paper or knitting yarn – and need to make room in the existing scrapbook paper or yarn storage section to keep your supplies organized. The ability to adjust the shelves makes this goal easy.


You can create a reach-in closet design that keeps everything close at hand. The easiest way to do this is to incorporate various storage components into the design. A few of your options include:

Built-in drawers: Not only do drawers serve an important function in your closet storage needs, but having a few built in makes your closet look more high-end. Use the drawers to hide private items from view, tuck your kids’ Christmas presents away or as a built-in dresser. Whether you want deep drawers to hold linens, pajamas and sweaters, or you prefer shallow drawers to store jewelry, socks and ties, built-in drawers ensure these items remain within reach.
Accessory racks: One great way to maximize the space in a reach-in closet is to hang some accessories on a wall rack. This frees up shelves and drawers for other items. Plus, by hanging up long necklaces, belts and ties, you prevent these accessories from getting tangled or ending up on the floor where they could get stepped on. If you store these items in your close, an accessory rack is a must.
Cubbies: Nothing is more effective than cubbies for keeping small items organized. This closet feature is particularly beneficial for storing shoes, purses, accessory bins and folded clothing items. For front entryway and mudroom closets, cubbies help separate each family member’s belongings to make sure nothing is ever out of reach.

What do you want from your reach-in closet? The closet’s location and the people who use it determine what type of storage features you should include. Thanks to the flexibility of this closet system, you can plan yours to fit your needs.

Shoe closet: If you’re proud of your shoe collection, you should show it off with pride, not let your shoes end up in a heap on the closet floor. By taking good care of your shoes, you also help them last longer, which protects your investment and postpones the day you toss out your favorite pair of heels or ballet flats.
Craft closet: Whether you have a dedicated craft room or not, having a closet to store all your craft supplies prevents your home from feeling cluttered. It also makes it easy to find everything, from wrapping paper and ribbon to markers and construction paper.
Are you convinced your home needs a new reach-in closet? Do you have an existing closet in mind that could benefit from a custom makeover? Either way, come explore our custom closet systems to get an idea of the type of projects we deliver. Then contact us for a free California closet installation estimate today!

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