July 29, 2017

Pinterest may be great for getting inspiration, but it should not be the way you plan your closet. When you are thinking about making over a reach-in closet, review what closet system components make a small closet work well before you commit to a design. We’ve got three stylish and trendy small closet ideas that are not only inspirational, they are practical and functional. Delve in to our roundup of reach-in closet trends.

A modern reach-in closet is not only stylish, it is well organized and smartly appointed. If you have a long closet, you can expand its functionality without sacrificing style.

A built-in dresser is a great centerpiece for a modern reach-in closet. It allows you to store foldable items within arms reach. From bulky sweaters to undergarments, so many of your everyday items store well in dresser drawers. Having a dresser built into the closet frees up space in your bedroom. his way, you can make the most of a small bedroom or free up space for a bedroom desk.

Add closet rods and open shelving and you will be able to store everything handily.

A sleek wardrobe keeps your items tucked out of reach yet easily accessible when you open a closet door. If you have a lot of clothing and want it tucked out of sight, a sleek wardrobe works well.

A custom closet designer can help you build your own sleek wardrobe by combining different elements to create one handsome wardrobe that is built to fit in your bedroom. Investing in a custom closet solution like this is not only convenient, it can increase your home value while reducing clutter. We stock a range of wardrobe components, so browse our inventory to see sample wardrobes.

Kids need a lot of closet space, especially tweens who seem to change size overnight.

Adjustable rods and open shelving give your tween space to create his or her own unique wardrobe. Pullout wire bins make putting things away a breeze, eliminating parent-child tussles over messy rooms. These bins can also accommodate sports equipment, school supplies, and electronics.

Give your tween or teen a new closet they can get the most use of throughout their high school years. Invest in a smart, stylish, and adaptable reach-in closet system.

No matter your storage needs, Lux Garage & Closet and ORG home organization can help you achieve them. We can design, develop, and install a brand new reach-in closet system that meets your needs, looks smart, and improves your home value. To learn more about our services or receive a free consultation, contact us.

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