July 29, 2017

Custom home storage should be an investment in quality that will pay off for years to come. If you’re splurging on home storage, are you getting your money’s worth? Find out by screening these three areas for quality.

When working with a custom home storage company, you deserve a personalized solution to all of your storage needs.

Ask yourself, is this installer paying attention to my needs as a consumer or are they trying to fit me with an off-the-rack solution that doesn’t fully work for me? Have they demonstrated a commitment to work with me to create a flexible storage solution?

Rest assured, you can find a storage installation company who prioritizes your needs. You do not have to settle for a company who does not meet your needs.

High-quality materials deliver the lasting durability and strength you need to make your investment in home storage pay off in the long run. Luckily, you will be able to tell a lot about material quality by examining the small details. From color matching to drawer pulls and first-rate fit, you can tell whether something is well made.

Particle board covered with either wood veneer or melamine laminate is far and away the best material for home storage systems. Plastic may be easy to DIY, but it does not stand up over time. Wood-based storage systems look nice, but they cost a lot. Over the long run, wood can warp from weather fluctuations. As long as the laminate is intact, particle board storage systems will not warp.

If you’ve verified the value in the product and materials, then you are almost there. Before you commit, find out what experience the installer possesses. Ask how long have they been in business?

By talking with the company, you can gauge how friendly and courteous the staff are. Before you sign, make sure they will do the work quickly and clean the work site afterward. The last thing you need is to clean up a contractor’s mess.

By spending the time asking these questions, you will be able to move forward with custom home storage understanding that you are getting a good deal. You can avoid making a poor decision by investigating value, material, and installer experience during your research phase, and you can rest assured that you are improving the value of your home through smart decision making.

If you have any other questions about custom home storage solutions, just ask. We at Lux Garage & Closet would be more than happy to provide more information to guide your decision making.

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