July 29, 2017

Is your mudroom messy and cluttered? Seeing clutter when you walk in the house can’t only be dispiriting to you, it can be off-putting to guests. If your mudroom is cluttered, you may end up leaving needed items behind in the rush to get out the door. Try our 3 foolproof mudroom organization tips for a tidy mudroom.

Adjustable wall hooks are the perfect out-of-the-way solution for an entryway. Since they are wall-mounted, they do not take up a lot of real estate the way a coat rack would. Have at least one wall hook for every family member, so that everyone can hang up their coats and hats upon entering the house.

Not only are hooks perfect for outerwear, they can help you keep small things organized. Attach a tall woven basket to a wall hook, and place mail in it so it stays in one place. Use a small wall-mounted shelving unit with hooks to store keys, sunglasses, umbrellas, hats, and other sundries.

To have long-term success with mudroom organization, get the whole family involved. Odds are, everyone in the family has a few things they keep near the entryway. Have every family member claim their things and move anything that isn’t used at least once a week away from the entryway and the front hall closet. These items can go in other closets or in a personal room.

When you take this step, you will instantly see a big difference in how much stuff you need to store in the mudroom. Once you know what you’re left with, you can select the right entryway custom cabinets for your leftover items. Umbrellas, hats, gloves, and other pieces of sports equipment can go in bins and baskets where people can easily find them when they need them and return them when they aren’t using them.

Shoes are the bane of an organized entryway. Consider adding shoe cubbies or creating a designated shoe area with a boot bench. Add a drip tray for better fall/winter storage, so wet boots can dry off without tracking mud on the floor.

Shoes that do not fit beneath the bench or in a cubby must go upstairs, no questions asked. Removing shoes from the floor and placing them in a designated area makes the mudroom cleaner and safer for all.

These small changes will free up space, get everyone involved in combating clutter, and make you feel better whenever you enter or leave your house. For more custom storage tips, contact us.

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