September 1, 2015

Golf Club Custom Cabinet

August is National Golf Month, and the weather this month is amazing for golf in many parts of the country. Now is the perfect time to invest in custom cabinets and garage wall storage systems that keep your golf equipment in the best of shape. Learn which garage storage media work best for golf equipment so you can plan your approach.

Custom garage cabinets can accommodate both your golf clubs, keeping them free of dirt, debris, and dust, and all the golf essentials. A tall extra deep garage cabinet provides ample storage for golf clubs. To protect your shoes, golf balls, and other golf accessories, look for a cabinet with 1″ thick adjustable shelves. Cabinets will also accommodate other sports equipment items. This way, the whole family can have a cabinet for their own preferred sport.

Hanging cabinets help to protect your golf items from damp floors, which can preserve their life span. They also allow you to easily clean beneath the cabinets, or store seasonal items on the floor beneath your cabinets. Alternately, floor cabinets can accommodate a workbench on top. This way, you can have your golf storage and also create a workbench for regripping and other projects.

Garage wall storage systems, like slatwall, work very well for a wide range of uses. They can be great golf storage systems when you do not have the inclination or the space for cabinets. You can also install an entire slatwall, use a portion of the wall for golf, and use the rest of the wall to organize other supplies.

With a slatwall, hooks, and accessories, you can store all of your golf things off the floor. A wire basket easily collects loose golf balls. Your golf bag with clubs can attach to a slatwall via an S hook. If you position your slatwall behind a workbench, then you can use the workbench for all of your regripping tools.

Custom golf storage can be as simple or complex as you need, to accommodate your preferred golf system. Even if your only have a few feet in the garage, we can work with you to design a garage storage system that meets your needs. With your golf items neatly organized and out of the way, you will have more space in the garage and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your golf things are protected. Contact us to learn more about garage storage options for golf items or to get a custom quote for your needs.

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