September 15, 2015

When you are planning to add shelves to the garage, you may be deciding whether to invest in professionally installed custom garage cabinets or put together your own garage wall storage system from scratch. To help you make this decision, we have outlined how custom garage storage stacks up against the competition so you can decide which choice is right for you.

When you look at DIY garage wall storage systems, you will encounter a lot of plastic shelving. These products are cheap, but as you might expect, they are not built to last. If you go with plastic shelves, expect to replace them frequently and potentially replace damage items that broke during a fall. Who wants to do that?

There is higher end plastic shelving available, but it is costly. It is recommended that you invest in quality shelves that are made from a better material than plastic for the same price. We recommend heavy-duty 1″ thermal-fused laminate shelving. This shelving can hold very heavy items and will stand up better than plastic.

Pegboard is a favorite wall storage material for many DIYers, since it gives you the ability to customize your storage and hang a variety of tools. Unfortunately, pegboard can also be somewhat flimsy and it can move out of place, requiring maintenance on your end. Pegboard is not structurally suited to hang heavy items, such as lawn tools or power equipment.

Instead of investing in pegboard, we recommend slatwall instead. It’s similar to pegboard, in that it accommodates a range of items for garage wall storage, but it offers better weight bearing capabilities than pegboard.

Just as with shelves, when it comes to off-the-rack garage storage, you will see a lot of plastic cabinets. The pros and cons are similar to that for plastic shelves. Sure, you can choose the cabinets you like and create your own configuration that fits in your garage. Yet at the end of the day, you are still paying a premium for cabinets that will not stand up over time. If you’re going to invest in a garage cabinet, you should do it right and go with durable cabinets designed to last.

There are many custom garage cabinet installers that will work with you, your garage, and your budget to create a cabinet installation solution that meets your needs and fits your price point. You do not have to stick with the “cheap stuff” just to get the sort of garage overhead storage system, wall storage system, or cabinet system that you need. Contact us to learn more or receive a quote for professional garage cabinet installation.


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