September 1, 2015

closet reach in

1. Home Buyer Attractant – Custom closets are often a must-list detail for a realtor to include in a home description as they know buyers are looking for and will usually pay more for a home with custom closets.

2. Appearance – Keep your clothes in better shape with a custom closet. Your clothes are more visible and accessible, allowing you to see what you have and what you might need. Plus, a professionally-organized closet is generally far more attractive than any regular closet.

3. Cost Factor – It’s easier to keep your clothes in good shape and ready to wear. No more having to take an item back to the cleaners to be cleaned again. You will not have to go buy a new pair of high-heeled shoes for your upcoming black tie event just because you can’t find the ones you have hidden somewhere in your closet.

4. Room for Everything – Closet designers consider your clothing and habits when designing your closet. Configure your closet to fit your wardrobe and make everything accessible and organized for your daily use. Most of your wardrobe is often clearly visible on shelves, hangers and cubbies. This means there is a place for all your clothes.

5. Saves Time- Proper clothing storage means there is no more pressing something you just picked up from the cleaners last week. It’s no longer necessary to start a search and rescue mission for an odd lost shoe with a closet organizer system.

If you’re ready to upgrade your mornings with a closet organizer system, please contact Lux Garage and Closet, at (818) 346-1800, and schedule a free in home consultation with a custom closet expert.


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