August 29, 2015

Walk In Closet

When it comes to real estate, the right home improvement can increase your home value and comfort in the home. Learn what the top desired and least desired home features are for 2015. Then, make over your home to include today’s most wanted home amenities.

While the home improvement shows might showcase luxury finishes, today’s homeowners want efficient and affordable spaces that make the most of limited time and resources. Today’s homebuyers prioritize organization and demand walk-in closets in the master bedroom. Rather than splurge on an occasional home utility like a basement bar or outdoor kitchen, today’s homeowners seek customized closets, efficient home improvements, and affordable luxuries.

Custom closets are so much more than the traditional rod or shelf found in the old bedroom closet, and more than a simple walk-in closet that offers additional closet rods. Custom closet designs include shoe storage, cabinets or drawers for accessories, and of course a mirror so you can see how you look.

Additional features that rank highly include energy-efficient upgrades like programmable thermostats that make it easy to moderate energy usage, and energy-efficient appliances that consume less power. Gen Y home buyers also want laundry room cabinets in a dedicated laundry room – another efficient home improvement that’s affordable, customizable, and understandable for a generation that’s unlikely to send out the laundry or invest heavily in dry cleaning.

Adding in these features greatly enhances the perceived desirability of your home and can help you sell your house faster and for your asking price.

Luxury home upgrades like specialty rooms and outdoor kitchens were trendy pre-recession, but nowadays home buyers simply aren’t wanting to spend money on these. Additionally two-story foyers, luxurious master baths with whirlpools and dedicated media rooms and sunrooms are falling out of favor. Today’s buyer wants energy-efficient home improvements, a smaller home footprint, and amenities like custom closet design that streamline their use of the home.

Just as it’s important to know what home buyers value, it’s important to know what is falling out of favor and may not increase your home’s value on the market. While you can still make these home improvements if you want them, they may not matter to tomorrow’s home buyer when you go to sell your house.

Whether you’re looking for your next home or happily dwelling in your current home and looking for creative home improvements that will increase your home value, it’s important to track trends. Invest in valuable and cost-effective home improvements to boost your home’s value, extend your home’s functionality, and be happy in your home as you age.

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