June 5, 2015

Custom Walk In Closet

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a neighbor’s custom closet, you know it’s possible to be blown away by personalized features. However, your best friend’s ideal custom closet design may not be the same as yours. Work with a closet designer to help you pinpoint what solutions you want and design a closet to match.

Open up your existing closet and really study it. What are its shortcomings? Perhaps the closet is too small or doesn’t have enough of one storage solution or another. For example, the corner might be a waste of space right now, but corner shelves could solve that problem. A built-in hutch could free up space on shelves and hanging rods. Adjustable shelves would make it easy to store a variety of items throughout the year.

Keep these points in mind as you take accurate wall measurements to determine if a size upgrade is in order. A closet designer can help you with this process.

Needs are just the first layer; next come your wants, which are what will really make you fall in love with your custom closet. How do you want to store your shoes? You could stack them on the floor, but what if what you really want is floor-to-ceiling shelves to show off your shoe collection? Custom shoe shelving looks great and helps keep your footwear in good condition.

What about other custom closet features? Shallow drawers for jewelry and neck ties; accessory hooks for belts and scarves; a hideaway ironing board; and valet rods for setting out your clothes the night before. These aren’t necessities, but you deserve a closet that functions perfectly for both your needs and wants!

You’re putting a lot of time and effort into your custom closet design. To help ensure your efforts last for years to come, make sure you choose a durable closet organization system. For example, one-inch-thick shelves handle heavy loads with ease so they don’t warp and bend over time. Then, high quality finishes and hardware lend their beauty to a custom closet you can be proud of.

Designing a custom closet with the help of a closet designer is one of the best investments you can make, both in terms of home resale value and quality of life. For example, when you walk into your closet and see a disorganized mess, it can ruin your whole day. On the other hand, once you finish your closet upgrade, getting ready in the morning will become a pleasure.

Contact a custom closet designer from Lux Garage & Storage today to get started!

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