June 12, 2015

If you have a two-car garage, there’s a one-in-four chance that it’s so crammed with stuff you cannot park a car in there. Whether this is true for you, or whether you just want more room to store items or work on a favorite hobby, these four garage organization ideas will inspire change.

slatwall bike rack

Before you run out and have custom cabinets installed, it’s essential to clean and de-clutter the garage. Tools, bikes, boxes and stuff everywhere will hinder your attempt at cleaning out your garage and getting organized. Take everything out of the garage and organize piles of items to keep and get rid of, sell, or donate. As a general rule, discard most things that you have not used within a year or two.

You will probably have items that you haven’t recently used but want to keep, like paint remnants you can use to touch up home paint. Be honest about what items you need to keep and which you can let go of in the name of better garage organization.

Before you move anything back in the garage, clean the floor. If the floor is beyond repair, consider recoating the floor before you move ahead with your garage organization plans.

Slat walls save floor space and convert every inch of your garage walls into usable and highly visible storage space. These walls, often used in retail stores, allow you to use hooks and other organizing systems to easily hang everything from bikes and sports equipment to rakes or tool baskets. With slat walls around the garage you can organize items by category, find everything in its dedicated space, and conserve enough floor space for your car.

Invest in garage cabinets to organize items that cannot be wall-mounted. Cleaning supplies, paint cans, tools, kids toys, and hobby equipment can all be stored in cabinets. When everything has a place, you can use the garage for your car without having to worry about clutter.

Finally, include overhead storage for bulky items that do not fit in cabinets, cannot be hung on the wall, or only need to be accessed seasonally. Holiday decorations, sporting equipment, or bins of shoes or clothes can easily be put on overhead storage shelves. This helps you make the most of commonly underutilized space while keeping bulky items off the floor.

Lux Garage & Closet can help you reclaim your garage and declutter your life by designing a custom garage organization system using these 4 garage organization ideas and other quality storage essentials. Contact us to learn more or receive a free quote.

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