May 22, 2015

walkin closet

Is your bedroom closet a disaster to behold? The mess is probably stressful and forces you to spend more time getting ready in the morning. If you feel lost among the clutter, find your way out with these three tricks for quicker closet organization.

You can’t hold onto everything you collect over the years; there simply isn’t enough storage space. Make rules about what you’ll keep and what you need to toss out, donate, relocate or mend:

  • Keep clothes and accessories you wear often. Save mementos like your college hoodie and camp shirts and store them in a safe, out-of-the-way spot.
  • Throw away anything permanently stained, torn or stretched out.
  • Donate gently used clothes that are two sizes too big, two sizes too small or have simply gone out of style.
  • Relocate some items you currently keep in the closet to other places around your home.
  • Sew on replacement buttons, mend tears, wash out stains and take care of dry-clean-only clothes without delay.

Sometimes the hardest part about reorganizing your closet is finding the time. Set aside 15 to 30 minutes every day to tackle one corner of the closet. If you have a whole Saturday afternoon to dedicate to bedroom closet organization, more power to you. Your efforts will decrease stress in your everyday life, help you get more from your existing storage space and even increase home value.

Right now, your closet is empty. You’re at a crossroads: will you stuff everything back in with little difference in functionality and appearance, or will you take this time to design a custom closet?

Working with a professional closet designer is the perfect way to help you see your closet with new eyes. What upgrades could help you keep the closet neat and tidy?  An organization specialist is likely to recommend several additions:

  • Adjustable shelves to store stacking items.
  • Double hanging rods to maximize space.
  • Drawers to organize ties, jewelry, belts and other accessories.
  • Hidden hampers to keep dirty laundry from becoming an eyesore.
  • Shoe racks to keep your footwear organized and in good condition.

Custom closet additions have many benefits. They allow you to see everything at a glance, saving you time every morning as you get ready for the day. Storage solutions keep your clothes off the floor to help protect your investment. They even help stop you from making unnecessary purchases so your closet remains organized for weeks, months and even years to come.

If you’re interested in having custom closet organization systems installed in your home, contact Lux Garage & Closet to learn more about the solutions we offer.


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