April 24, 2015

Overhead Rack Storage

When you calculate the square footage of the garage, you count the floor space from corner to corner. You may spend all your time at ground level, but with 9- or 10-foot high ceilings in the garage, there’s a lot of good untapped storage potential directly over your head.

If you’re looking to eliminate clutter in your home, consider investing in overhead garage storage. Never again will you trip over tools or bumble through boxes in search of what you’re looking for!

There’s only so much floor and wall space to store items in your garage. Overhead storage is the perfect solution for lesser-used and seasonal items, including sporting equipment, holiday decorations and winter clothes you only need a few months out of the year. By taking advantage of the space above your head, you free up high-demand real estate within arm’s reach for more frequently used items.

The best way to utilize overhead garage storage systems is to group like-items together in plastic bins. Clear bins make it easy to see the contents while easy-to-read labels eliminate the guessing game.

Many overhead garage storage racks can be lowered when needed to grab something stored there and raised back up when you’re done. Hand crank cables and pulleys allow for manual operation while motorized systems are also available for incredible ease of use. This type of raising and lowering feature prevents the need to climb a ladder and rummage in bins from a potentially dangerous height.

Heavy duty shelves are designed to safely hold hundreds of pounds. Of course, dependable installation requires a knowledgeable technician with the proper training and tools to get the job done. It’s especially important to rely on a professional to perform overhead storage installation if you want the shelves to be able to raise and lower on demand.

Professional installation only takes a couple of hours and frees up your time to do other things. Knowledgeable technicians can get the job done right the first time around while keeping you and your family well out of harm’s way during the complex job.

If you’re tired of maneuvering through a cluttered garage, overhead storage and other garage organization solutions could be the answer you’re looking for. For a free design consultation, please contact Lux Garage & Closet. We’re your local Woodland Hills home organization experts with years of experience and plenty of ideas to transform the way you organize your home!

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