April 10, 2015

The weather is finally warming up and the days are getting longer. Spring is the perfect time to reassess the clutter in your home, especially your garage. During the winter, things really piled up, but now that you can open up your home to the outdoors, it’s time for a deep clean. Follow this quick and easy spring cleaning guide to get a garage storage system in place and your garage back in shape for summer.

Rakes from last fall, snow shovels from the winter, bikes that never got put away, boxes of off-season gear, numerous tools and other clutter make it difficult to even walk around the garage, let alone clean it.

On a sunny Saturday morning, pull all the junk out of the garage and make three piles on the driveway: Keep, Toss and Donate/Sell. Keep everything you use regularly. Toss anything broken, mismatched or obsolete. Donate or sell anything you haven’t used in a year or two. You won’t miss it, and you’ll love having extra space in the garage after getting rid of all that junk.

Now, with the garage empty, deep clean the existing garage cabinets and shelves to give you a clean slate. Sweep and mop the garage floor. If the floor is in bad shape, consider installing a new epoxy garage floor coating to make your garage look sharp and increase the functionality of the space.

If you often tinker in the garage or work on fixing up old cars, it’s vital you have an organized place to store your many tools. Instead of piling wrenches, hammers, power drills and other hardware haphazardly in a drawer, consider investing in a garage organizer for the wall where you can either hang tools on hooks or stick them to magnets. Everything is easy to find when it has a designated spot to hang on the wall. Wall garage storage also prevents valuable drawer and shelf space from being taken up by tools and hardware.

You can find hooks or magnets for everything. Free up floor space by hanging larger items such as bikes, rakes, brooms and sporting equipment on the wall.

If you don’t currently have adequate garage storage shelves for everything you keep here, make some room. Shelves can hold everything from tool boxes and sports equipment bins to holiday decorations and gardening supplies.

Don’t forget to leave room for your car! After all, the fundamental purpose of a garage is to protect your car from the elements. Make sure your garage storage solutions leave you with plenty of room to park and maneuver around your cars.

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