March 27, 2015

Have you ever noticed how small closets tend to compound their lack of space with poorly designed storage elements? Most contain little more than a hanging rod and single storage shelf above. No wonder people have such a hard time figuring out where to put their clothes!

Here are 3 custom closet organization tips to maximize a small closet so that everything you need not only fits inside perfectly but is right at your finger tips.

One of the main problems with closets — particularly those found in older homes — is they utilize space poorly. Including cabinets with drawers is a great way to capitalize on the space at the closet floor. Store linens or winter clothing out of sight and away from dust and pet hair.

Lux has a team of expert closet designers who will custom build cabinets directly into your small space — you don’t need to worry about adhering to the measurements of prefabricated closet systems.

One hanging rod across an entire closet wastes space and overlooks the fact that clothes come in different lengths. When space is at a premium, it’s time to get more creative.

In a small closet, the space above the storage rod is often poorly utilized. A custom closet system can contain two hanging rods — one at the very top and another below. That way you can store rarely used or out-of-season clothes higher up, reducing the appearance of clutter.

Another option is to use hanging rods with hooks so that you maximize the amount of clothes you can fit into the space and access out-of-reach items more readily. Hooks are also a great way of organizing accessories.

One of the biggest paradoxes with having a small closet is the lack of visibility. Your clothes are stuffed inside so tightly that it becomes difficult to see anything.

A solution for this problem is to install roll-out storage baskets in the space. Baskets have two main advantages. First, they allow you to see exactly what you have at a glance. Second, they can be installed and readily accessed higher up than drawers, which you have to look down into in order to view the contents.

The problem you are having with your small closet may not be its size after all. It may be an antiquated or unimaginative design that under-utilizes the space you have. With a variety of beautiful finishes to choose from and an expert design team who will remodel the space from the drywall up, Lux lets you take your old closet from drab to fabulous.

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