March 20, 2015

Before spring comes into full swing, you can take advantage of time spent in your home to declutter and really get organized. No one enjoys living in a cramped, crowded home full of things you no longer need, want or use. However, you do not want to start big and become overwhelmed by attempting to do too much. If you take the time to work on these simple home organization projects, you will enjoy a happier home, without having to invest too much of your time.

Admit it. You have probably let the junk drawer go for far too long because you have been too busy with work, family and other home improvement projects. Stop giving yourself excuses, and start creating a drawer that actually helps you find things when you need it. Start by emptying the drawer completely. Do a rough sort for:

items you would like to keep
things that belong somewhere else
trash that needs to be thrown away
Hopefully by the end, you have a much smaller pile of pens, permanent markers, tape, batteries and small tools. With a better idea of what you need to store in the drawer, consider adding a drawer insert. The separate compartments will help you keep bits and pieces organized, so you never have to hunt for them again.

Even if you own a laptop you like to carry around the house as needed, you may want a place to put the laptop for work, home finance or just an afternoon playing games with the kids. When your desk is piled high with papers, mail, kids’ homework and other clutter, you can start creating a workstation that will function efficiently for everyone’s needs. You do not have to build an entirely new custom home office to get organized, however. Just clear out the paperwork and sort it carefully, then you can use baskets to hold the files. Do not forget about the walls as an organizational space, as well. Add a bulletin board as one of your home office solutions, to hold important reminders or photos.

Early spring is an excellent time to cycle out the winter clothing and bring out warm-weather gear. However, if your closet is a frightful mess, you can bring it into line simply with a custom closet design. Sort out your heavy sweaters and blankets with custom shelving that gets them out of your way. Put in shoe racks to keep your shoes together and up off the floor. Remember to install hooks for bags and small accessories, so you can find and grab them in a flash.

While the weather is still cool outside, your home is starting to heat up. With these ideas for junk drawers, home office solutions and closet organization, you can start this spring better than ever.


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