Garage Cabinets and Other Garage Storage Solutions.

For many people, a garage is more than just a place to park a car; it is a workshop, storage area and often the first place that anyone enters when they come in the home. The right garage storage cabinet system can make the difference between organization and chaos in your garage space.

Our cabinet experts offer “start to finish” services for every garage storage cabinet. We take out old cabinets, add electrical wiring, fix the drywall and paint the walls before the cabinets are in place. In addition, you only have to work with our company when you are looking for a new garage floor finish or added storage options as you can coordinate all of your garage organization solutions through one company.

Custom garage cabinets offer both functional storage and make your garage an attractive and appealing place to spend time—what could be better than that?

Key Product Features

  • Heavy-duty custom garage cabinets are your primary storage solution from everything to seasonal décor to tools to sporting goods.
  • Sturdy custom cabinets and durable workbench construction stands up to the toughest garage conditions and hobbies.
  • Off-the-floor cabinet design keeps your belongings elevated and protects them against damp floors and pests while maximizing every inch of space.
  • A slatwall system is a stronger alternative to traditional pegboard. Lock in heavy-duty steel hooks, plastic bins, and baskets to rearrange or add tools as your needs change.
  • Silver Track keeps your large yard tools, bikes, helmets, and other sporting equipment out of the way but still within arm’s reach.
  • Durable drawer trays keep small tools like nails, screws and sandpaper organized. It smoothly slides back and forth allowing easy access.

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