Murphy Bed & Garage Ideas

October 8, 2017

Lux garage Murphy Bed Discover Something More

Smart organization is the secret to reinventing your rooms and making the most of every inch. Maximize your square footage with a beautiful and space-saving Murphy Bed, mix clever storage with upscale style to create a garage you can be proud of, and use space-expanding tricks to open up the potential of any room. Get inspired with ideas for your spare room, library, office, or garage, and find the solutions that deliver the style, organization, and versatility you want.




Combine a spacious home office and comfortable guest accommodations with an elegant Library Murphy Bed solution. A sliding central bookcase parts in the middle to reveal a queen-sized bed frame that can accommodate a standard mattress up to 11″ thick.


Store books or display favorite items on the open bookcase and side cabinets.
Add shelves, drawers, baskets, hanging rods, or doors to the side cabinets to personalize your solution.
Provide convenient storage for pillows, blankets, or other items with a built-in pillow storage box.

Lux garage Murphy Bed



When space is at a premium, a Flip-Up Desk Murphy Bed lets you make good use of every inch, providing a useful work area and a cozy bedroom combined into one. By day, the stylish desk offers room to work, and by night, it folds down to make room for a twin, full or queen bed.

Create a workable work surface by swinging the desk top up, then unfolding and locking the legs beneath it.
Add side cabinets with pull-out drawers to file paperwork or keep a printer right next to the place you work.




Your garage is an informal entryway into the home, but it can be so much more. Upgrading your garage with custom organizers can improve its appearance, keep it orderly, and elevate this underused space into a convenient place to entertain family and guests.

Lux garage Murphy Bed

Make your garage just as attractive as the rest of your home with quality cabinets designed with the color, hardware and sizes that fit your space and style.
Create an entertainment-ready space with a built-in glass and beverage station and an integrated audio system.
Add a recycling station with pull-out bins near the entrance of your door to keep it within easy reach, yet out of sight.
Let the garage be your overflow storage room by placing seasonal items or bulky gear out of the way in tall cabinets.
Add a mini-mudroom with upper cabinets, wall storage, and a handy bench where you can slip shoes on and off or set down shopping bags.
Put your walls to work with movable hooks, bins and baskets that make it simple to access jackets, bags, tools, and even supplies for your family pet.

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